Here we go

I have wanted to write a blog for a really long time. I have been afraid though. Afraid that it wouldn’t be funny, that no-one but my mother would read it, that I would win a blogging award and have to find an outfit for the show, yes this is how my brain works…

At the end of 2016 I decided to give it a go. Why the hell not? Now, I just needed a topic. It was around this time that I signed up on tinder in the hope of finding the love of my life – yes, I see the problem, love on tinder? And, while prince charming never arrived, what I did discover was endlessly good blog material. Seriously, strange messages and odd first dates – enough to make anyone laugh or cry depending. My creative juices were flowing, the pages were writing themselves. And then, I met the politician. And my blog, along with my brain it seems, flew out the window.

He was different though. A man who within four months totally swept me off my feet, proclaimed his undying love for me on date number three, asked me to move in with him on date number four (okay, to be fair, I was living with my mother at the time) and constantly told me how lucky he felt to be with me. He made me laugh and then he made me cry. He dumped me. Yip, in his words, ‘You just can’t make the heart feel what it doesn’t’. And that was that. I was out cold. Alison, my cat, and I were homeless and desperate, although if I am honest not totally surprised…we had found ourselves in similar situations before. My heart was broken. My fairytale, over, and prior to letting me collect my first box, we’re talking 24 hours people, said politician had reconnected with his ex.

I know that four months isn’t long, but I was happy, at least I thought I was. So this blog, if nothing else, is a symbol of my determination to ‘get cape, wear cape and fly.’ I don’t know how long it will take, but I am tired of making bad decisions and dating terrible men. I am lost and, who knows, maybe The Gold Bikini will help me find my way.


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