Thanks for the feedback…



I am just going to be open about this from the start… I am a useless blogger. Absolutely useless. What happened to I am going to blog every day? What happened to winning best new blogger? I do this though. I have always been a buy all the gear no idea type of person. Like hiking. I decided that it might be a good way to meet my future husband. I was going to become a hiker. I was doing internet dating at the time and my entire profile was filled with my love of hiking, nature and the great outdoors. I had the backpack, the shoes, the head lamp, the water bottle. I went on one hike and decided that hiking really wasn’t for me. It’s a lot of walking uphill. I am not good at uphills. I do still use my head lamp to read in bed at night though, so not a total waste. Anyway, back to the point, my blogging career has not taken off quite as well as I had hoped. I have realised that I actually have to blog and so, here goes.

One of the reasons I have been so slack is that I recently got a promotion at work. More like a ‘promotion’ if I am honest. You know one of those ‘We really value your input so we are giving you a promotion. From now on you’ll have double the work, double the hours, double the responsibility and double the pay! No! Only kidding about the pay, same pay double the work, well done! I was pretty caught up in all the compliments so I only realised after leaving the meeting that I had been totally screwed over. Nice.

Part of my new role is that I have to interact more with clients. I hate clients. I don’t actually like people very much, no offense… Clients are needy. They have an opinion about EVERYTHING. They call and message at insane hours. They give feedback. Endless feedback. I hate feedback. So while I may not have been the best blogger lately, I have mastered the art of saying, ‘thank you for the feedback’ instead of ‘go fuck yourself’ (sorry for swearing mom).  Business-Cat-Meme-Cat-Meme-Funny-lol-pictures-cats-jokes-put-your-feedback-in-my-suggestion-box__zpsd4a9ba85-300x300

Other than that life has been pretty much the same. I still have moments when I feel incredibly sad about the politician. Which is silly really as we have now been apart for longer than we were together. That and the fact that he is complete ass…I guess that’s just the way it goes…

Have a happy Sunday. Please don’t send me any feedback.




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